Our Communities

At BD, we’re passionate about advancing the world of health — and that passion extends through our approach to the communities in which we operate and the ways we give back to the local and global community.

We leverage our expertise to collaborate with leading nonprofit organizations to address unmet health care needs. We focus on improving health care access and strengthening the capacity of health systems to care for all patients, especially the most vulnerable. In 2018, BD provided more than $17 million in charitable giving through cash and product donations and volunteer efforts.

BD in Georgia

Covington, Georgia

BD has been an active member of the Covington community since 1967. Our current ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization facility has been operating since 1991 and has been continually maintained and upgraded to employ the best available emission technology.

Employees residing in Covington

Madison, Georgia

BD has been safely operating in Madison, Georgia, since 2006. Our facility is continually upgraded to employ the best available emission technology.


BD’s roots in Covington extend back to 1967, when C. R. Bard constructed a 100,000-square-foot manufacturing facility to produce urological products, such as urinary catheters. Today, it is home to BD Urology and Critical Care, a business focused on solutions that advance the world of health in the categories of acute urology, endourology, targeted temperature management and home care. BD also operates a Global Distribution Center in Covington, which opened in 2007.

Over the last 50 years, we’ve become part of the fabric of the local community. Our associates don’t just work in Covington; many of them live here and throughout Newton County. They donate time, money, goods and services to charitable organizations in the area including Project ReNeWal, Willing Helpers Medical Clinic, Special Olympics of Newton County, American Cancer Society Relay for Life, Fuzz Run, and many others, helping us maintain a longstanding reputation as a good corporate citizen and caring, responsible neighbor. In 2018, BD’s Covington facility donated roughly $100,000 to local non-profits.

Local officials know BD to be open and transparent, and as soon as concerns were raised about EtO emissions in the area, we began a constructive dialogue with the Mayor of Covington and Newton County Chamber of Commerce. We also attended a meeting of the Newton County Board of Commissioners on July 24, 2019 to address their concerns and candidly answer their questions.

In the spirit of open communications, we will maintain a dialogue with local authorities and welcome their input and feedback as we work together to reassure residents about our uncompromising commitment to the safety of our operations and the surrounding community.