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January 2021 Update:

As of January 2021, the latest date for which data are available, average levels of EtO in Covington’s ambient air are 0.308 µg/m³. They continue to be consistent with typical background levels found by the U.S. EPA in their nationwide study (between 0.2 µg/m³ to 0.4 µg/m³). People who work in, live near, or drive by BD facilities in these communities every day are exposed to very ordinary, low levels of EtO.

In addition, the Georgia EPD has air monitoring stations in other parts of the State¹. The data show that average concentrations of EtO in Covington, Ga. are generally lower than the levels found in the rural General Coffee State Park and concentrations observed at EPD’s background monitoring station in South DeKalb. According to the Georgia EPD’s own data, average EtO concentrations across the greater Atlanta area are about the same in areas where there are EtO sterilization facilities and areas where there are not EtO sterilization facilities.

Average Background EtO (μg/m3) – Georgia

*The Covington, Ga. average is the average of both EPD monitoring data from areas near BD’s sterilization facility and data from a third-party engineering company performing air monitoring around BD’s GDC in Covington, as required by EPD. All raw data available below at GA EPD Updates.

How Does EtO in Covington Compare to The U.S.?

EtO levels measured in Covington by the Georgia EPD and BD are consistent with the average background levels the EPA found nationwide in urban and rural areas that are not near sterilization facilities.

Average Background Levels of EtO Across the United States

*Green: Average air sampling results from a combination of data from Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) and a third-party environmental consulting firm on behalf of BD. (October 2019 to January 2021)

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